Don't be afraid of what lies beneath.

dude… my life is over. I’m now a lifeless Matt fantard 
Now I’m creeping every Matt blogs out there LMAO. Yep. That’s gochiru-tan for you. That was main blog since I can’t follow you with this one due to ummm… this shared blogs policy thing whatsoever ahaha;;;  

Evil Matt is the best Matt <3
Matt and Dahlia are two character that demand a touch of red in their drawings :DD

And wondering where he pulls the glass from, too…

Trade secret.
Anonymous asked : Watch out for the pumpkin.

…what pumpkin, dude?

Anonymous asked : Don't be a wuss, Matt. If you took up the dare and spontaneously combusted. All you'd have to do is find a debif unit afterwards. :)

Not happening, dude. Sorry.

Anonymous asked : I dare you to dye your hair purple!

That’d ruin my image, dude.


snackooqueen replied to your post: I dare you to spontaneously combust!

//That wasn’t even me xDD

((Haha Idk who it is, but I figured Matt would think it’s Juan XD))

Anonymous asked : I dare you to spontaneously combust!

Dude, Juan, get out of my ask box.